Course Notes

You can download the power point notes from this page.  They are pdf files so you don’t need to have Microsoft Power Point to view them.

January 12 – First Class

January 19 – Wikipedia assignment

January 26 – There are no notes for this class, we did a hands-on Wikipedia editing workshop.

February 2 – Library Basics

February 9 – Types of Information Resources and the Research Process

February 16th – Classification and Organization
Library of Congress Classification Outline – a classification system to organize and arrange the book collections of the Library of Congress.
Library of Congress Authorities – A tool used by librarians to establish forms of names, titles, and subjects used on bibliographic records. Authority records enable librarians to provide uniform access to materials in library catalogs and to provide clear identification of authors and subject headings. For example, works about “movies,” “motion pictures,” “cinema,” and “films” are all entered under the established subject heading “Motion pictures.”*


February 23 – Reference Resources and Search Basics

March 9th – Library Catalogs
Subject Headings and Subdivisions by Jack Bales.

March 16th – Periodicals

March 23rd – Databases and ILL

March 30th – Search Engines

April 6th – Evaluating Internet Information

April 13th – Digital Collections

April 20th – Usability

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